Why IdeaNet

  • Quick turnaround.
  • Delivery of work on a committed schedule.
  • Quick Implementation of the design changes.
  • Assign a dedicated team to Prime Clients.
  • Production of drawings as per Client Standards.
  • Use of the latest software to provide better coordination between different disciplines like architectural, plumbing using Tekla Bimsight.
  • Use of Tekla Bimsight for providing better coordination with the field.
  • Excellent Infrastructure and file transfer facilities.
  • Our team members have been trained by Tekla to use the software most efficiently.

Key Features

  • Better and fast quality checks
  • Use of Tekla Bimsight 3D model
  • Combine models and check for conflicts
  • Round the clock communicate
  • Use of Tekla Bimsight model for color-coding objects and parts to be isolated
  • The final round of quality checking procedure to ensure excellent quality work

Personalized and Accessible Service

We intimately understand your business and your needs. Our team is led by a California based Professional Engineer who has extensive experience working in-the-trenches at firms such as yours. We can be reached round-the-clock, over the phone, and through email. Call us during your working hours and at your convenience.

To offer diversified multidisciplinary design services for construction industry globally

To become a leading market player in the field of design by creating an environment that will provide value added services to our clients and encourages professional development for our employees.