About IdeaNet Solutions Inc

IdeaNet Solutions Inc is a fast-growing Engineering detailing & design company providing specialized services in the field of detailing & design for Steel, Concrete, and Masonry projects.

We have a quality assurance and project management team at USA and an extended detailing support centre at Bangalore, India, which maintaining seamless communication.

In Bangalore, India we have a state of the art facility equipped with the latest version of Tekla, SDS/2, STAAD, and RAM with an in house server storage and backup system and high-end workstations and telecommunications infrastructure setup. We have an experienced team of Engineers and Detailers. Our team consists of Engineers, Modelers, Editors, checkers, and project managers who are cognizant with AISC, NISD, CISC standards.

For over a decade we have worked with over clients in more than 48 states in the USA and other parts of Canada and Europe. We have successfully delivered projects to various industries and domains.

We are an ISO certified company and our team brings the best practices and standards that they have acquired by working with clients in various parts of the world from different domains.

We are always ready to help our clients with their projects for quick delivery or customizing our services to suit their requirements with various business models that include fixed bid, dedicated team or hybrid model.

To offer diversified multidisciplinary design services for construction industry globally

To become a leading market player in the field of design by creating an environment that will provide value added services to our clients and encourages professional development for our employees.