How offshore Structural Steel Detailing Services partner can help Steel Fabricator to keep check on the costs ??

The construction Industry is one of the dynamic and fast growing industrial sectors worldwide. As per the report published by Jones Lang LaSalle, IP, Inc, for U.S. construction industry it has been a strong startin 2016 despite global slowdown.Office, Industrial and Retail construction has been growing, with Retail showing 24.4% growth.

With the booming construction sector the demand for faster and efficient Steel Detailing is also increasing. In order to meet the increasing steel Delivery Schedules, more and more steel Fabrication companies in US are outsourcing their steel detailing work to Far East countries like India, China, Philippines etc. The Steel Detailing cost is one of the major costs for any steel fabricator. Adopting outsourced steel detailing business model significantly reduces the overall projects costs.

By outsourcing the steel detailing services, Fabricator saves on the following overhead costs:

License Cost: In order to make accurate estimation of the steel , a steel  detailer make use of various structural steel  detailing software like Tekla,Autocad,SDS/2 ,Soft Steel,SSDCP, SOLIDWORKS,TSD,etc. The License cost of these software is very high, plus there is an annual maintenance fees for latest versions. Additionally you need to pay for workstation and support costs etc.  If a steel fabricator performs all the detailing work in-house, he/she needs to shell out extra bucks for license and support contracts etc.

Steel Detailer Cost: The hourly rate of steel detailer varies with the countries.  Steel detailers in countries like India can do the same work for quarter of the cost charged by local detailer. For the volume work there is scope for negotiation which can improve your margins.

Extra expenses: By outsourcing the detailing work fabricator saves on all the extra expenses of medical insurance, PTO, Vacation etc.

Faster Delivery: To meet with the schedule of the project, employees need to be paid overtime hours. By outsourcing it to a country like India, the projects works at twice the pace. The team in India works during night while the US team resolves issue during the day leading to a faster turnaround.

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